Sunny Lu: Future Belongs to Public Blockchains

Crypto Asia 100 Vol.3 Sunny Lu, CEO of Vechain, is born and raised in Shanghai with a background in electronics and communication engineering. Before self-teaching himself blockchain knowledge, Lu worked as an IT executive at Fortune 500 Companies for over a decade. By 2015, he finally launched himself into the blockchain sphere by founding VeChain [VEN]. In less than three years, VEN has become a top 20 cryptocurrency in the market. More impressively, it partners with giants

Coin Price Bumped from 0 to $600K in A Day, but Its Founder Has Far Bigger Ambitions

Crypto Asia 100 Vol.2 Last month, a new coin with no asset backup or utility attained a total valuation of $300 million on the second day of its launch. Its sole purpose was to "safeguard" the membership to a chat group. I recently did a followup interview with its founder, Chongge, hoping to learn his design of this coin and the community around it. BIANCA: The past half year saw a crypto bear market. Did you invest in any new project? Or just watched on the sidelines? CHONG