Token Reform: from Epic to Epic Fail

For anyone familiar with the Chinese crypto circle, the one buzzword for the past month was “token reform.” The story around it was dramatic, somewhat bizarre even. And reception ranged from rapture, cynical, to contempt. But if you happen to be out of the loop, the following recap might shed some light on what actually happened. First, we need to dial back the clock a bit, to the beginning of July. How Did "Token Reform" Become A Thing? On July 5, FCoin, the Exchange known f

The Innate Sins of ICO

I have a friend. He doesn't want to disclose his name. Let's call him Steve. Steve is the founder of a SAAS company whose headquarters is in Shanghai with business in both China and the US. Last year, he started exploring opportunities in the blockchain space and finally decided to have his company launch its own token project last month. In the first 2 weeks, he received tremendous interest from token funds and individual investors, most of whom were in China. However, rathe

Genius or Trickster? Crypto Investor Shuoji Zhou Has Something to Say

Crypto Asia 100 Vol.5 I first met Vincent (Zhou Shuoji) through a token project's Wechat group last year. Since then, I started noticing the name of his young investment firm, FBG Capital, here and there. It didn’t take me long to realize that he had not only developed a strong network in China’s blockchain industry, but he was also very involved with insiders and projects worldwide. Very soon, FBG became the company that people in the circle were following and discussing. Ho