Patrick Dai: Ultimately, Blockchain Should be Able to Handle Infinite Number of Transactions

Crypto Asia 100 Vol.6 Recently, Qtum announced their partnership with AWS (Amazon Web Services) to develop decentralized applications (DApps). I will use the opportunity to Below, Bianca Chen revisits an earlier conversation with its founder, Patrick Dai. BIANCA: Qtum is a smart contracts platform. Why do you think smart contracts are essential? PATRICK: I think smart contracts are essentially a virtual agent, or an agency, used to carry out programmed operations with data o

FED Bank-Examiner-Turned Blockchain Executive on ETF Rejections

Today, SEC turned down 9 Bitcoin ETF proposals from three applicants. I sat with Tim Byun, CEO of OKCoin USA, to discuss SEC's decision. Tim used to work for Fed Reserve Bank and FDIC for a total of sixteen years. He was also an AML officer at VISA. Here is a clip with the transcript: BIANCA: SEC just rejected in total of 9 ETF applications. Do you think was bound to happen eventually? What are the obstacles? TIM: I'm very optimistic that it[ETF] will happen, but all good thi

Token Reform: from Epic to Epic Fail

For anyone familiar with the Chinese crypto circle, the one buzzword for the past month was “token reform.” The story around it was dramatic, somewhat bizarre even. And reception ranged from rapture, cynical, to contempt. But if you happen to be out of the loop, the following recap might shed some light on what actually happened. First, we need to dial back the clock a bit, to the beginning of July. How Did "Token Reform" Become A Thing? On July 5, FCoin, the Exchange known f

Genius or Trickster? Crypto Investor Shuoji Zhou Has Something to Say

Crypto Asia 100 Vol.5 I first met Vincent (Zhou Shuoji) through a token project's Wechat group last year. Since then, I started noticing the name of his young investment firm, FBG Capital, here and there. It didn’t take me long to realize that he had not only developed a strong network in China’s blockchain industry, but he was also very involved with insiders and projects worldwide. Very soon, FBG became the company that people in the circle were following and discussing. Ho

Metaverse: I'll Get You Paid on Spot for Flight Seat-Swapping

Crypto Asia 100 Vol.4 In the past two years, Shanghai, which remained mostly silent during the first wave of crypto and blockchain startups, suddenly became active thanks to the likes of Qtum, NEO, and VeChain. They have gained their own share of attention, while a public chain project called "Metaverse" shows an unusual tendency to stay out of the spotlight. We managed to find the founder of Metaverse, Eric Gu, in an attempt to dig out their approach to the industry. BIANCA:

Sunny Lu: Future Belongs to Public Blockchains

Crypto Asia 100 Vol.3 Sunny Lu, CEO of Vechain, is born and raised in Shanghai with a background in electronics and communication engineering. Before self-teaching himself blockchain knowledge, Lu worked as an IT executive at Fortune 500 Companies for over a decade. By 2015, he finally launched himself into the blockchain sphere by founding VeChain [VEN]. In less than three years, VEN has become a top 20 cryptocurrency in the market. More impressively, it partners with giants

Coin Price Bumped from 0 to $600K in A Day, but Its Founder Has Far Bigger Ambitions

Crypto Asia 100 Vol.2 Last month, a new coin with no asset backup or utility attained a total valuation of $300 million on the second day of its launch. Its sole purpose was to "safeguard" the membership to a chat group. I recently did a followup interview with its founder, Chongge, hoping to learn his design of this coin and the community around it. BIANCA: The past half year saw a crypto bear market. Did you invest in any new project? Or just watched on the sidelines? CHONG

When US Entrepreneur Meets Chinese Crypto Group Chat

If you happened to read my previous post, you would know WeChat group chats plays a phenomenal role to connect the Chinese crypto circle. The night of July 12th, a unique interview took place in one of those WeChat groups. You may even say the first of its kind. On the one end is my friend Matthew Roszak, co-founder and chairman of Bloq; on the other, there are 499 women--all of them blockchain entrepreneurs and journalists from different parts of China. I worked as the host