• Bianca Chen

FED Bank-Examiner-Turned Blockchain Executive on ETF Rejections

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

Today, SEC turned down 9 Bitcoin ETF proposals from three applicants. I sat with Tim Byun, CEO of OKCoin USA, to discuss SEC's decision. Tim used to work for Fed Reserve Bank and FDIC for a total of sixteen years. He was also an AML officer at VISA. Here is a clip with the transcript:

BIANCA: SEC just rejected in total of 9 ETF applications. Do you think was bound to happen eventually? What are the obstacles?

TIM: I'm very optimistic that it[ETF] will happen, but all good things come at the right time and place. I believe an ETF is geared for the mass public. What I want the mass public to really learn and understand is the features and the amazing technology of Bitcoin. I think the entire mass market in the world really still has a lot of learning to do. I currently see bitcoin as well as other digital assets simply an asset, an alternative asset class. I actually don't see it as money or it's term "virtual currency." I hope it does one day become money. I hope it becomes a universal stored value. But we're a bit away from that. And Getting back to the ETF, I think it will get there though. The SEC probably wants a little more sound transparency and better pricing visibility, but it's all just in time. And with the maturing of the ecosystem, we'll get there.

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